Grant Humphrey's Mansion Wedding Photographer | Jolene and Daniel's Wedding

Wedding Venue: Grant Humphrey's Mansion

Wedding coordinator: Pink Champagne Events - Jessica McTaggart

Florist: Plum Sage Flowers

Pastries: Katherine's Bakery

DJ: A Music Plus

Catering: Footers

Rings: Blue Nile

Dress: David's Bridal

Jewelry: Affordable Bridal Elegance

Suit: Banana Republic

Tie: Shop Primary

Socks: Happy Socks

Photography: Drake Busch Photography

Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding

How did you two meet each other?

We met through friends playing kickball in Denver

What was the best memory from your wedding day?

 Jolene - meeting and greeting everyone during the cocktail hour. Daniel - being with Jolene and my friends and family before the wedding, waiting for the wedding to start

What would be some advice you would give future couples as they plan their wedding day?

 It will all work out! If at the end of the day you're married, then the wedding did its job.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Leaving for the honeymoon this Friday ;) Grand Palladium Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding | Colleen and Alex's Wedding

Venue: Longmeadow Event Center Cake: Das Meyer Bakery

DJ: DJ Maestro

Flowers: Bouquets: Flowers Forever Design. Center pieces:DIY

Dress: Amanda's Bridal - Mori Lee

Jewelry: DIY, bracelet and earrings made out of 6 pairs of earrings :) pretty crafty!

Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0001 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0002 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0003 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0005 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0006 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0007 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0008 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0009 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0010 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0011 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0012 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0013 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0014 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0015 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0016 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0017 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0019 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0020 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0021 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0022 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0023 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0024 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0025 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0026 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0027 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0028 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0029 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0030 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0031 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0032 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0033 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0034 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0035 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0036 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0037 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0038 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0039 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0040 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0041 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0042 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0043 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0044 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0045 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0046 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0047 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0048 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0049 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0050 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0051 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0052 Longmeadow Game Resort Wedding_0053

How did you two meet?
We met in a tanning salon in 2008. I was working there and after a few weeks of Alex coming in to tan, I slid my number under his door while tanning. He called me that night. Now almost 7 years later, that was the best decision I ever made!
What was the best memory from your wedding day?
The Best memory of our wedding day was seeing each other for the first time that day! As soon as the doors opened and we saw each other it's like everything went into slow motion and there was no one else around except Alex and I. I will never forget that feeling!
Do you have any advice for future couples?
Some advice I would pass on to other couples as they plan their big day is don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy every second of that day because it comes and goes so fast!!
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went to Maui for our honeymoon! We stayed at the Aston Kaanapali Shores and loved it. We had stayed there once before and knew we like the location, beach and everything else they had to offer! We were there for Alex's Birthday and the 4th of July. We snorkeled and saw sea turtles. We also did a sunset dinner cruise where we saw dolphins. (That was my favorite!)

Katie and Randy's Dunafon Castle Wedding | Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer

Venue: Dunafon Castle Florist: Fleur De Liz

Cake: Das Meyer Bakery

DJ: Colorado Mobile Music

Catering: Bistro Boys Catering

Dress: Alfred Angelo Disney Princess Collection

Shoes: Pink Paradox London

Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Tuxes: Anne Matthews Bridal (Jim's Formal Wear)

Photographers: Ashley Busch and Ashley Kidder (Urban Safari Photography)

Engagement Shoot: Albuquerque New Mexico

Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0001 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0003 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0004 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0005 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0006 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0007 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0008Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0014Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0009Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0015Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0016Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0011Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0013 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0017 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0018 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0019 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0020 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0021 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0022 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0023 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0024 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0025 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0026 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0027 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0028 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0029 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0030 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0031 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0032 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0033 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0034 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0035Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0037Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0036 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0038 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0039 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0040 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0041 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0042 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0043 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0044 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0045 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0046 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0047 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0048 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0049 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0050 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0051 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0052 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0054 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0055 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0056 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0057 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0058 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0059 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0060 Dunafon Castle Wedding Photography_0061


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How did you meet each other?

 We first met on August 15, 2008 at the Monte Vista Fire Station, a local college bar, on a night out with our individual group of friends. After one ridiculously high bar tab, a “blind” date the following week at Stone Face Tavern (where Randy was running at least 30 minutes late), and 6 years later we are married!

 What was the best memory of your wedding day?

 Katie: When I think about our wedding, the memory that will always put a smile on my face is the garter toss! The song was “You’re the one that I want” from the movie Grease. Randy tore off his tuxedo jacket and danced around me to the beginning part that starts out, "I've got chills". Everyone thought it was rehearsed, and all our guests were laughing so much. Randy is not a person that would rehearse, so I was definitely surprised! His sense of humor demonstrated by this impromptu “show” basically sums up Randy's funny outgoing personality which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with him.

 Randy: Picking one particular moment for me is tough. When I first saw Katie in her wedding dress, walking down the aisle I was blown away. After the ceremony sharing laughs with both wedding parties and our immediate families while taking photos before the dinner and reception was intimately special. The dinner was the best wedding / buffet food I have ever had, and the best man’s speech was hilarious. Dancing with Katie our first dance as husband and wife was a rush of emotion. Partying with all of our friends and family on the roof top of the castle was awesome. I can’t say I had one particular favorite moment from the wedding as a whole, but I had a collection of favorite memories I will cherish for a lifetime.

 What would be some advice you would give to future couples as they plan their wedding day?

 Katie: Start planning early. It makes it so much easier to enjoy the day when everything is planned ahead of time. I think we had most of the wedding details finalized a month before the big day. Also, remember why you’re getting married. All the little things might not be perfect the day of the wedding. Then you look over at the person you’re marrying, and it’s easy to just forget about those details, smile (really big), and have a great time!

 Randy: Be patient with each other and remember that nothing is perfect, even your wedding day. Girls, don’t get so caught up in the planning that you forget to actually enjoy spending that time planning with your soon to be husband, and guys don’t be too critical or fast to judge or shoot down her ideas. Focus on enjoying every part of the planning and wedding day itself, as both will fly by far too fast.

 Where did you go on your honeymoon?  Where did you stay and what were a couple activities you enjoyed.  Would you recommend to other couples?  

 Since Denver was a destination wedding for us, we spent a lot of time traveling back and forth between where we live (New Mexico) for all the wedding vendor meetings. We chose to lay low for our honeymoon and get caught up on sleep! We spent two extra days in downtown Denver. We rented a suite in the Crown Plaza and just enjoyed each other’s company at a few local establishments around downtown. We plan to celebrate our first wedding anniversary with a trip somewhere, and a summer vacation next June sounds perfect!