Retreat at Solterra Wedding | Solterra Wedding Photographer | Alyssa and Scott's Wedding

  Venue: Retreat at Solterra  Lakewood, CO

Florist: Flower Power

Cake: Das Meyer

Caterer: Footers

Bride's Dress: Bridal Collection

Shoes: David's Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew

Groom/Groomsment Suits: Jos A Bank

Groom Shoes: Sperry Topsider

DJ: Perry Washington

Photography: Drake Busch Photography with Haley Allen Photography Solterra Retreat Wedding_0012Solterra Retreat Wedding_0017Solterra Retreat Wedding_0013Solterra Retreat Wedding_0001Solterra Retreat Wedding_0002Solterra Retreat Wedding_0003Solterra Retreat Wedding_0004Solterra Retreat Wedding_0005Solterra Retreat Wedding_0006Solterra Retreat Wedding_0007Solterra Retreat Wedding_0008Solterra Retreat Wedding_0009Solterra Retreat Wedding_0010Solterra Retreat Wedding_0011Solterra Retreat Wedding_0014Solterra Retreat Wedding_0015Solterra Retreat Wedding_0016Solterra Retreat Wedding_0018 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0023Solterra Retreat Wedding_0019Solterra Retreat Wedding_0020Solterra Retreat Wedding_0021Solterra Retreat Wedding_0022Solterra Retreat Wedding_0024 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0025 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0026 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0027 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0028 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0029 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0030 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0031 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0032 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0033 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0034 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0035 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0036 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0037 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0038 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0039 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0040 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0041 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0042 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0043 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0044 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0045 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0046 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0047 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0048 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0049 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0050 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0051 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0052 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0053 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0054 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0055 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0056 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0057 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0058 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0059 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0060 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0061 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0062 Solterra Retreat Wedding_0069Solterra Retreat Wedding_0063Solterra Retreat Wedding_0064Solterra Retreat Wedding_0065Solterra Retreat Wedding_0066Solterra Retreat Wedding_0068Solterra Retreat Wedding_0077Solterra Retreat Wedding_0071Solterra Retreat Wedding_0072Solterra Retreat Wedding_0073Solterra Retreat Wedding_0074Solterra Retreat Wedding_0075Solterra Retreat Wedding_0076Solterra Retreat Wedding_0070

How did you meet each other?  We met each other freshmen year at Kansas State University through mutual friends.  We were friends for 5 years before we started dating.
3) What was the best memory of your wedding day?  Our best memory was seeing the dance floor full of all our friends and family celebrating.  It was so much fun to have our friends and family all together on this special day, most of whom are scattered across the country.
4)  What would be some advice you would give to future couples as they plan their wedding day?  Plan as much as you can early and stay organized.  Then, when it comes down to the last few weeks/days you can enjoy the festivities and celebrating with friends and family.
5) Where did you go on your honeymoon?  Where did you stay and what were a couple activities you enjoyed.  Would you recommend to other couples?  If you used a travel agent and liked them please note that.  We took a "minimoon" to Estes Park, CO.  We stayed at Della Mountain Chateau.  It was perfect for couples.  Very romantic and enjoyable stay!  We spent time walking around town, driving through Rocky Mountain National Park and relaxing!