Nicole + Shaun's Winter Wedding {Durango, CO Winter Wedding}

We were honored to be asked to shoot Nicole and Shaun's incredible, snowy, mountain wedding in down in Durango Colorado.
I have been friends with Shaun and Nicole since college and was super excited to be reunited with them as well as all of our college and New Mexico friends. It was great to see everyone with their new families and to see how far everyone has come in the past 10+ years!
Their wedding was absolutely perfect and unique! Their wedding was held at the song he wrote for the occasion titled party photos, we ventured into our snowiest wedding day yet. It was freezing but we managed to get a few photos before anyone got frostbite:)  Nicole and Shaun definitely planned ahead and had a hot chocolate bar waiting for their party once they came back in from the cold. We had a blast with them and are so happy that we had the opportunity to be there to share this amazing day with fabulous friends! We love you guys and wish you LOTS of happiness!
~ Ashley

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21 22 Here is a look at a full slideshow from their wedding day.

"Signature" by Shaun Hightower