Amber + Dillon's Alabama Wedding {Destination Wedding Photographer}

Every so often, we get the pleasure of attending a wedding and not actually being responsible for photographing and documenting the events of the day.  Ashley's cousin, Amber got married this past May 19th (Ashley and I's Anniversary)  on Lay Lake in Alabama to her awesome fiance Dillon Sullivan.  With so many family members in attendance that we don't see very often, we thought it was best to let a local photographer shoot the event and we kick back and party.  As you can obviously tell by the following photos on this post or I guess the fact that there is a post at all, not taking photos is extremely difficult for me to do.  With my camera in hand I tried so hard to sit back as any guest would do and sit during the ceremony, just watch the first dances and the cake cutting only capturing a few photos.  Ashley might tell you differently, but I think I did a pretty good job of it all things considered.  After seeing the lovely venue and the details that Amber and Dillon put into their wedding day a part of me was a bit sad we didn't say yes to shooting the entire event.  Here are the photos I managed to capture while enjoying  the wedding as a guest.  Congratulations you two.  We look forward to many anniversaries shared together over the years. 1

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