Breaking News! Katie Gauthier is now Katie Pelton! {Cielo Castle Pines Wedding Photographer, Colorado Wedding Photographer, Cielo Castle Pines Wedding}

This is a quick sneak peek of Katie as she began her wedding day celebrating with her best friends and bridesmaids at the Salon and Cielo's Bridal Suite. There will be a full post showcasing their beautiful wedding day on a later date, but I couldn't wait to share how absolutely radient Katie looked on her wedding day.  Congratulations you two.  We had a blast at your wedding and look forward to sharing more photos soon! _MG_6869 _MG_6920 _MG_6945 _MG_7041 DSC_0975 _MG_7266 _MG_7285 _MG_7307 _MG_7325 DSC_1272 DSC_1252 DSC_1302 _MG_7483 _MG_7493v2 _MG_7467 _MG_7369 _MG_7372 _MG_7407 _MG_7446 _MG_7459 _MG_7424 DSC_1244 _MG_7496 _MG_7474v2 _MG_8182 _MG_8285 _MG_8204v3 _MG_8750 _MG_8731 _MG_8480