Adrian Gwynn Youmell (AGY)'s Newborn Photos {Denver Newborn Photographer}

You probably remember introduce her to her first of many photo shoots at just 6 days old.  Nate + Shayna are currently working on many new home projects, so it seemed only fitting to memorialize this time in their life by having Agy pose for us on a fashionable Home Depot bucket.  She was a natural model and sure made that bucket look good.  We look forward to many more photo sessions in the future! Congrats Nate + Shayna! We couldn't be more thrilled for you guys! xoxo 2013-08-13_0001 2013-08-13_0002 2013-08-13_0003 2013-08-13_0004 2013-08-13_0005 2013-08-13_0006 2013-08-13_0007 2013-08-13_0008 2013-08-13_0009 2013-08-13_0010 2013-08-13_0011 2013-08-13_0012 2013-08-13_0013 2013-08-13_0014 2013-08-13_0015 2013-08-13_0016 2013-08-13_0017