Our Love Story...

Two years ago to the day my life changed forever.  It was on this day that I asked Ashley to marry me under Kodiak The Big Blue Bear in downtown Denver.  Why there you ask?  Well quite cheesy I know, but Ashley nicknamed me her big bear and her nickname subsequently became little bear :)  The rest of the story is better said in her words so here was her accounts of that day a couple years ago.... To preface this story, I’ve known that this day was coming for quite some time and I thought there was no possible way that Drake could surprise me. I’m inquisitive, sometimes to a fault, and he’s not the best at keeping secrets, however he managed to amaze me this time!!

Yesterday morning (Valentine’s Day) Drake stopped by my office to deliver a dozen yellow and orange tulips with a very sweet card. It was definitely a nice surprise. I also knew that we had dinner reservations at Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse, so I assumed it would be a typical V-Day (flowers, chocolate, dinner).

I was going about my daily work routine when around 330pm my boss, Tom, told me that he needed me to meet a client in front of the Denver Convention Center to pick up some documents. He told me that I needed to take a cab because it would be difficult to carry the documents back to the office on the mall ride (Denver’s 16th Street free transportation). He told me I would be meeting a guy named Roger wearing a tan Carhartt jacket. Immediately upon exiting the cab, I saw a guy in a tan Carhartt jacket walking about a block away in the opposite direction carrying a large bag. I took off walking at my typical fast pace to catch him when all of a sudden Drake stepped out from behind the big blue bear. I was completely confused (thinking Drake probably had a wedding client meeting that I wasn’t aware of). I told him that I had to go meet Roger and I would come right back. He told me that there was no Roger and the only person I was coming to meet was him (the guy in the jacket was a complete coincidence). He had a red rose in his hand that led me to believe that he and Tom had schemed a ficticious meeting with “Roger”. He began by saying that he was completely in love with me and that he had dreamed of this day for years. He asked me if I would be his little bear forever and ever. And I of course said yes, yes and a thousand times yes!!!

A passerby saw us and said that we looked so happy and offered to take our picture. (Good thing Drake keeps his camera on hand:) He said that he and his wife have been happily married for 45 years and he remembered how happy that day was for him and his wife.

Drake then proceeded to take me to the Peaks Lounge at the top of the Hyatt where we celebrated with champagne and strawberries while overlooking all of downtown Denver. It was absolutely perfect!

12Engagement Photos copy 11Engagement Photos 07Engagement Photos copy 05Engagement Photos copy 4upNeedless to say Valentines Day has much more meaning for us now and a day I always look forward to to.  We are now happily married and expecting our first child later this summer. Life is good!  Love you Ashley